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Suzi Crockford’s Ancient Ways 9 Month Shamanic Apprenticeship

This training is a gift. I am so grateful for the greater depth of learning and exploration that I acquired from being able to immerse myself in the process. I experienced this as a powerful, responsive, ‘alive’, well-held training, presented by a teacher of Authoritive Knowing.

Suzi presents a learning opportunity that is connected to, and flows with, the participants’ needs as well as the stated curriculum. She is a passionate, active and committed teacher with solid boundaries whilst also softy compassionate and reactive to individual and groups needs if appropriate.The time was used to provide wisdom, skills, framework and overviews rather

than ‘do it like this’ lists or rote learning practice opportunities on peers. This training clearly places response-ability with the individual to integrate the work; and teaches in such a way that the individual has access to skills to find a way forward, if they are willing to do the ‘work’ required to meet their need.

If I’m honest, it didn’t ‘give’ me everything I wanted or expected. It was so much better. It gave me what I ‘needed’ instead.