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Testimonials from people who have attended workshops or received mentoring.

I want to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to you and your work with us/me over the last six months. That day I came to see you for healing all those years ago is etched in my memory. It transformed me and my life - as your work continues to do. I can’t thank you enough. - Catkin Witworth 2021

Suzi Crockford’s Ancient Ways 9 Month Shamanic Apprenticeship

This training is a gift. I am so grateful for the greater depth of learning and exploration that I acquired from being able to immerse myself in the process. I experienced this as a powerful, responsive, ‘alive’, well-held training, presented by a teacher of Authoritive Knowing.

Suzi presents a learning opportunity that is connected to, and flows with, the participants’ needs as well as the stated curriculum. She is a passionate, active and committed teacher with solid boundaries whilst also softy compassionate and reactive to individual and groups needs if appropriate.The time was used to provide wisdom, skills, framework and overviews rather

than ‘do it like this’ lists or rote learning practice opportunities on peers. This training clearly places response-ability with the individual to integrate the work; and teaches in such a way that the individual has access to skills to find a way forward, if they are willing to do the ‘work’ required to meet their need.

If I’m honest, it didn’t ‘give’ me everything I wanted or expected. It was so much better. It gave me what I ‘needed’ instead. - JN 2020

Hi Suzi. I would like to say a massive thank you. You have opened up a world of beautiful support, guidance and love. And it's something I will now treasure every day. Your course was wonderful, and I would go as far as to say totally life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are absolutely amazing at what you do. Much love - Tonya Mills 2019

Thank you, thank you, thank you; for creating this course, for teaching it with such groundedness and flair, such deep knowledge and some wonderful humour and openness to joy, creation of it. Thanks for having made your life what it is and for sharing the fruits of it, for speaking with such clarity and commitment and for regularly saying "I don't know the answer to that" or words to that effect.

And finally, thanks for being the rich and pleasing creature that you are and for inspiring me/us to live so richly in connection. Love - Jude Claybourne 2018

Thank you so much for your wisdom and support, which I appreciate more than even my gift for words can articulate. - Mike 2017

I love the gentleness and the connection to the feminine you bring...the work with you has informed my work and I think it has attracted more people to my practice...the training you offered was wonderful and gave me much more confidence. - Siobhan McGee, Psychotherapist. - 2016

The following are testimonials from clients for Shamanic Healing:

I just wanted to get in touch to share my 3 days so far, and the biggest sensation yet is the sense of having huge amounts of energy, my productivity has kicked in to 100% , I'm way more open, productive, social, happy and open-hearted and confident also, incredibly playful...I feel you literally have blown life back into me... Crystal Zilwood, Dancer.

I felt that Suzi really listened, and heard me. I felt that during the healing she was guided by Spirit to the heart of the matter and facilitated the most appropriate transformation in my energy field. The personal practical advice of how to integrate this healing for me was spot on. I immediately felt a weight of anxiety lift from me and in the weeks ahead I noticed that I felt stronger and more able to deal with stressful things. Thankyou Suzi for your unflinching dedication to your work. - Sue Holmes, Fire Horse Feng Shui

Thankyou for the healing Suzi - I feel energised, refreshed, whole in a way I cannot really express and have not felt before. - Jo Heath

Thankyou for the soul retrieval you did for me. I now feel quite liberated and that MY life can begin. Such a joyous relief and an exciting new world to discover. Many, many thanks. - Fiona B

Suzi Crockford has enriched my life! The knowledge and guidance that I have received thanks to Suzi cannot be given a price. She has opened my eyes to the spiritual side of life in a safe, balanced and totally loving way. She has studied her craft in a very professional and ethical way and adheres to a strict code of conduct. I wholeheartedly trust her, so much that I cannot recommend her highly enough. It is for this reason that I have guided so many people towards the help that she can give. - Heather Seems, Natural Horsemanship Instructor

A huge thankyou. I feel so light, strong and positive. Now to move forward, onward and upwards. It was a great pleasure to meet you today and I do hope our paths will cross again. Many thanks. - Sarah B

The First time I met Suzi my life was in utter chaos! Turmoil is the only way to describe it! Suzi, using her methods, healed me, and for the first time in my life I began to feel whole. Suzi is a very talented, welcoming lady and I can't thank her enough for how she has helped me in my journey through life. - Kate Daly

Meeting Suzi for the first time was an amazing experience. I was welcomed into her beautiful cottage on Dartmoor with it's very serene atmosphere and feeling of oneness with the Spirit of Nature. .... the drums tuning you in to a spiritual journey... an experience I will never forget. - Anna Coleman

Testimonials from people who have attended a drum making workshop - or who have had a drum made for them:

Making a shamanic drum with Suzi is one of the most satisfying and symbolic experiences I have ever gifted myself. Suzi created a very warm and welcoming womb like space to hold the one to one drum making workshop and I immediately felt relaxed and in good hands. Even the wild elemental Dartmoor weather conspired to create a warm inviting space to work in.

Suzi's clear instruction was supported by demonstration as she made a drum along side me. She was patient as she let me work at my own mindful pace which helped me to be completely present to the process of making my drum. Suzi's relaxed teaching and genuine interest in my journey invited honest reflection on what had brought me to this place to birth my own drum and it's symbolic meaning for me.

I love my new drum and it's deep drum beat which resonates through my womb as I play it. The delicious ripples of that day are far reaching and have been felt by my heart and are sent back out into the world again with each beat of my drum.

I highly recommend this soulful drum making workshop to all and invite you to birth a new drum into the world. - Wendy Spencer

Suzi - I took this drum straight into my heart, then fell in love with myself. That's how much it means to me. Thank you, you are the BEST! A rain of blessings on you and your work. - Mike Steward

Thankyou so much for my beautiful drum. In making it you have returned to me a part of myself I didn't even know was missing. - Anna B

OMG my drum. Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love it. Everything about it is perfect. Before I'd even finished unwrapping the brown paper I knew exactly what was on it and it could not be more spot on. Thankyou Suzi, from the bottom of my heart. - Eliza King

Thank you for a wonderful day. I had such a fun, relaxing time and you made it all feel so easy., you have such a gentle way with people that makes them feel at home. Did you prepare the space beforehand? It was like stepping out of time. - Kathryn

Here's a drum related story which I've been given permission to share here....

Having had the drum for a while I'll tell you a short tale: I went to xxx gathering... It's a Shamanic gathering with Shamans and elders from around the world doing teachings etc. Lots of drums. The drum you made for me has a completely different resonation than of the American Indian style drums, of which there were about 30 at the gathering. While drumming with a group round a fire one evening a woman said to me that "Your drum goes straight to my womb"! She then in a lighthearted way called me Mr Womb. Ha!! Other women have also said that the sound of the drum affects them in a different way. And a few asking for your address.

On the last day of the festival the woman mostly affected who called me Mr Womb bought me a bracelet as a thank you. She had come into her Moon Time without it hurting for the first time in months. She said it was due to the drum.

I allowed a dear woman Shaman friend of mine to play the drum for a while one evening when there were about ten drums playing round the fire. You could hear quite clearly My drum from the rest.

THANK YOU for a wonderful drum.

Much love,

Moon Bear Brother