Ordering a Rattle

I make rattles the same way I make drums - either according to your instructions or guided by spirit as to their appearance and which materials to use.  They are usually made from Red Deer hide with a wood handle with up-cycled suede bindings.  I can also make them from Horse hide and can use antler or bone for the handle.  They generally contain either Dartmoor river stones or small sea pebbles, but I have also made rattles containing semi precious stones and a rattle containing the stones pushed up by a mole from underneath an Oak tree.  

Prices vary according to the complexity of the design and how hard it is to source the materials; so for example, antler handles cost more than wooden handles, twisted wood is more expensive than straightish wood, horse is more expensive than deer. Each rattle is priced individually but as a guideline they are typically somewhere between £65 and £90.  Postage is £8.50 within the UK. 

You will find pictures of some more of my rattles on the Pictures of Rattles page in the drop down menu.