Suzi Crockford 

Shamanic/Animist healer and teacher. Drum and rattle maker. 

Suzi Crockford is a visionary writer and a shamanic healer. She teaches animist and shamanic pathways to finding our deep connection to 'All that Is', believing that if we can remember that we are simply one part of a living, sentient world - and act accordingly - we can co-create "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible" .   She is known for the clarity of her teaching, her patience and good humour and her beautiful interweaving of the sacred and the ordinary.  Her work takes place in the liminal realms between this reality and 'the other', and has at its foundation an unshakeable belief in the sacredness of all of creation.  

She is also a maker of magical objects of every fur and feather - in particular shamanic drums and rattles.  

Following Covid and burn-out in 2022  I have something like Chronic Fatigue or Long Covid and am unfortunately unable to say when I might be back teaching shamanic/animist practice again - I am starting to run drum making workshops again and am still making drums and rattles. 

I  work  in partnership with the Spirits to help others to create or strengthen their connection with both the seen and unseen worlds. Meeting the inhabitants of our archetypal landscape and traversing the territory of our soul brings us into deep connection with our birthright of belonging to a sacred and sentient world.  Shamanic work democratises our connection to The Spirits, it gives us solid ground upon which to stand and then takes us on a transformative journey: our destination is Earth Consciousness, bringing about healing change for the collective and for our Earth. Our  most important journey is the one in which we discover our true selves - the 'Us' that are the interconnected, interwoven web of life. 

I have 30  years experience as a shamanic healer and teacher - offering healing work, shamanic trainings, mentoring and teaching - both on Dartmoor and in the wider community. I believe that shamanism and animism can, and may well yet, save us all. Please do contact me if there is a way in which you think I may be able to be of service. 

As a creator of drums and rattles with hide, leather, stone and wood, I am experienced in making unique sacred objects, gifts, tools and instruments as guided by Spirit for the individual client, please don't hesitate to ask if there's something I might be able to make for you. 

The link above is to my Ko-Fi site - 'buying me a cup of coffee' through this site  is a way of supporting the book that I'm endeavouring to write, by funding 'time to write'.  I hope you'll consider supporting me and will be incredibly grateful if you do.