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A bit more about me.

In addition to my on-going education from the Spirits I have attended a number of workshops and private trainings over the years: I acknowledge as my teachers (in approximately chronological order); Amado Crowley, Jill Purce, Simon Buxton, Naomi Lewis, Kate Shela, and Annette Host. I have undertaken training in Druidry and am a member of OBOD and BOD. I learned the particular style of drum I usually make from Carolyn Hillier.

I have written articles for various shamanic magazines and been interviewed on the radio both in the UK and internationally. I have taught Shamanism as part of the MA in Spirit and Ecology at Schumacher College, made rattles with primary school children, run workshops introducing shamanism to teenagers and provide on-going training and mentoring for a diverse selection of people

I see life as an on-going education in what it means to be human, to understand ourselves as a unique and beautiful part of an ensouled whole. We are indivisibly interwoven with all of life, no more or less important than any other piece, and therefore a treasure beyond measure. These are challenging and fast changing times, the hour is late, the damage we have done is great, but we can fix this. If we act now.