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Please Note: I no longer have a landline, having given it up in favour of a better internet connection (it's a long and complicated story possibly only understandable by those who live far from cities). So - if you would like to communicate with me, please email me, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Wild blessings,





Speaking On Behalf of Earth - for the Edgewise Podcast

A bit more about me:

My pronouns are she/her, whatever yours are you are welcome here.

In addition to my on-going education from the Spirits I have attended a number of workshops and private trainings over the years: I acknowledge with deep gratitude my teachers (in approximately chronological order); Amado Crowley, Jill Purce, Simon Buxton, Naomi Lewis and Kate Shela. I have undertaken training in Druidry and am a member of OBOD. I learned the particular style of drum I make most often from Carolyn Hillier.

I have written articles for various shamanic magazines and been interviewed on the radio and for podcasts both in the UK and internationally. I teach Shamanism mostly on Dartmoor but am willing to travel within the UK and provide on-going training and mentoring for a diverse selection of people, both in person and over Skype and Zoom.

I see life as an infinite education in what it means to be: to understand ourselves as a unique and beautiful part of an ensouled whole. We are indivisibly interwoven with all of life, no more or less important than any other piece, and therefore a treasure beyond measure. These are challenging and fast changing times, the hour is late, the damage we have done is great, but we can fix some of this. If we act now.