Pictures of Drums 

The wrapped handle and stick with accompanying rattle

Lemniscate, Skep and Bees

Celtic Oak Shaman's Map

White Owl shaman's drum

Unwrapped back  (I love the shadows)

Lemniscat Triangle

Crow with Key Drum

Running Deer 

Runic Shamanic drum

Aesclepius' Drum

Oak leaf circle drum

Wind Horse

Small Wolf Face

Moongazey Hare

White Flower Lemniscate

Plain drums beauty


Rune of Protection

Ayahuaska Vine

Wendy's Drum

The Bee Mistress

Blue Wrapped Back

Blue Bird of Happiness

Ghost Fox

Tied Hide Back

Faery Ring

Serpent Fool

Maya Drum

Phoneix Rising

Humming Bird

Maya Serpent

Blue Dragon

Small Eagle 

Dark and Light Swans

Suzi's Drum

Medieval Vines

Vines close-up

Typical wrapped back

Centre of back handle

White Buffalo Woman

Phoneix Heart


Hare Hill

Golden Triskele

Phoenix's Tail


Eagle Heart Bear



Hare on side of drum

Swarm detail



Sami Drum

Arachne's Thread

Bee Lemniscate

Eagle Coming

Tibetan Wheel

Owl Moon


Running Hare

Mermaid Drum

Small Buzzard Flies

One Bee Flies

Bee and large Hexes

Pink Flower Lemniscate


Out of the Fire

Raven Hovers

Green Man

Knotwork Edge

Large White Wolf

Bear Walking Side

Buzzard with Awen




Eagle to the right

Crow Landing

Raven Flies Fierce

Hex Rose

Snake Staff

Small Hex Bee 

Cosmic Rose

Her Horse

Roe Deer

Larger Raven


Power of Woman

Make your own drum!

Invite your friends

Standing Owl Drum

Elen of The Ways - I never get hides this white any more

Hex Drum

This is a more typical drum hide these days, much darker and more beautiful

Otter Drum

Swan Drum

Oroborus Drum

Foxy With Crown and Rowan Berries

Yellow Tangled Tree 

Foxy Close up

Hummingbird Drum

Some hides just shouldn't be painted! 

Fox in The Glade

Spirit Dogs

Moon, Pearl, Drop

Labyrinth Walker

Logo Drum

Wyrd Tree sideways

Faery Blood 

Close up Bear Face

Doe Face

Owl and Crow

Lion Drum