Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing requires that you be ready and willing to heal.  It is powerful and magical; the most ancient, time tested, healing practice on earth.

 My work is spirit driven, so there is no 'usual' session, but one might include all of the methods listed below or simply one or two of them. I seek to return the individual to a state of mental, physical and spiritual balance,where good health and happiness can follow.

An initial session usually lasts for about two hours, subsequent sessions (which are not usually needed) last for one hour.  There is no particular preparation required of you but it may be that you feel quite tired afterwards so it's a good idea not to have to go back to work or to a social event on the same day.   I operate a three tier fee structure  for my time: The fee is £120 but if you are in receipt of Universal Credit then it is £80. If however you are in the delicious position of feeling that £120 is not a huge amount of money then please pay £150 so that I may offer more discounted sessions to those who need them.      

If you are interested in receiving a shamanic healing please feel free to contact me to arrange an appointment or for more information.  As well as undertaking Shamanic Healing in person I'm happy to work at a distance - the healing is just as effective this way, although you don't get the 'pilgrimage' aspect of coming to my house.  I live on Dartmoor; between Lustleigh and Moretonhampstead and can be contacted by e-mailing 

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the most time honoured system for healing on earth, having been practised for over 40,000 years. It continues to be used today by indigenous peoples of all continents and has seen a huge resurgence in practice and profile in the west over the last 60 years which seems to go hand in hand with the growing awareness of our need for global responsibility, eco-consciousness and sustainability alongside our need to heal ourselves.

Shamanic peoples across the world and throughout time 'see' that there are two kinds of reality - the 'ordinary reality' of our daily lives in the material world - and the 'non-ordinary reality' of the energetic or spiritual worlds which are frequently seen as being 'behind the veil'.  Behind this veil live the all knowing, compassionate, loving and endlessly wise spirits; there to teach us and heal us if only we will listen.  

Who is The Shaman?

A Shamanic Healer is a person who can change their state of consciousness by using the beat of the drum and heart led intention to come into contact with the world of the spirits. They come to know this spirit world and journey there on behalf of their community in order to retrieve information for the benefit of that community, for problem solving, and for healing.  The Shamanic Healer works in consort with the spirit world to effect change and healing in the physical world, the non-physical world and the mysterious in-between places. 

How does Shamanic Healing work?

From their contact with the world of the spirits the Shamanic Healer receives guidance on what is required for each particular circumstance. There are four main ways in which Shamanic Healing operates for individuals - these are most commonly known as 'Soul Retrieval', 'Removal of Spiritual Blockages', 'Ancestral Healing' and 'Power Animal Retrieval'.  In any one healing session any or all of these powerful and effective methods may be used, depending on what is necessary, as directed by the spirits.

Soul Retrieval

What is soul-loss?

Through shock or trauma some of our 'soul' or 'essence/energy' can leave our body and thus deprive us of our full power. Soul-loss can be seen as a built-in survival mechanism; the human psyche will fragment when it perceives itself to be in danger of harm, part of our essence will leave the body in order to go somewhere 'safe'. The body will survive without this part and if we are lucky the part will quickly return and all will be well. If the trauma is too big, or we do not know how to call ourselves back then we are left open to dis-ease and dis-harmony which can eventually become physical illness. The first signs are often felt as loss of connection to one's surroundings. Soon it becomes a feeling of loss of connection with one's self, the inability to function as we once did. Feeling empty, feeling numb, lack of motivation, memory loss, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviour; all these and more are signs that we are not at full power. 

Soul Retrieval is a deep and life enhancing experience which brings us back to full power. The shamanic healer retrieves the missing soul or essence and brings it back to the body, this does not return any of the original trauma but instead brings wholeness, re-empowerment and relief.

Removal of Spiritual Blockages

Sometimes we can have energy in or around us that does not belong to us which can lead to dis-ease or dis-harmony within us. Just like a spider in the bath there is nothing intrinsically bad about this energy, it is just in the wrong place. Working under the guidance of the spirits the shamanic healer gently removes this energy, releasing any blockages it may have caused.

Power Animal Retrieval

Power loss is a daily occurrence to some extent, we 'use' our energy in our lives and if we are connected properly to the cosmic web then our essence will be constantly replenished just as our physical energy is replenished by sleep and food. Sadly our twenty-first century lifestyle encourages us to give away our power to a certain degree and when this is not replenished we need to return to the sources of our power and re-acknowledge and reactivate them. Power is often retrieved in the shape of an animal, its particular form being a message for the client about an aspect of the nature of their personal power.

Ancestral Healing

Sometimes we are handed patterns of behaviour or belief by our ancestors in exactly the same way that we might be given brown eyes or long legs. There is fascinating research in epigenetics at the moment which confirms that the experiences of our ancestors have a direct affect on our entire genetic make-up and therefore on our minds and emotions just as much as our bodies. We will be predisposed to experience life from a particular vantage point - more specific than just our geographic location or body type.  Ancestral Healing tracks back along our inheritance to free us from what might be viewed as the 'curses' of our inheritance.