Living The Land

An optional second year of apprenticeship

This is a three-fold journey; three gatherings over the course of a year which build upon the connections and lessons encountered within the Ancient Ways 9 Month Shamanic Apprenticeship, or over a number of years within your own shamanic practice. They must be taken as a series and are not available to book separately.

This training is available to a maximum of 12 participants - if you would like a place please apply in writing to me at

During the training we will share a secret Facebook group where I post extensions to the work we've done, reading lists, and discussions about any aspects of the training that need enlarging upon. We can discuss questions that arise during the training here, and I'm also happy to respond to private e-mails. The work will also be supported by Danielle Barlow, who is my assistant on this training.

The fee for this year is £999. There is a non-refundable deposit of £99 which secures your place if you have been offered one. The balance is then due in three payments payments of £300, one being due before each of the modules.

The details of the modules are set out below. We begin on a Friday evening at 6 with a ceremony and supper to share, then Saturday all day and evening and Sunday until 4.

The Calling

1st, 2nd, 3rd March 2019

Our land calls us: Sovereignty and Service are meaningless words unless we experience and embody them. We need to fall back in love with our most ancient beloved, most ancient mother, most ancient self. To court a deeper relationship with our capacity to be power-full in these times of urgent need for change and to truly be able to stand in the knowing of our authentic partnership with her, we must understand how deeply are simply an aspect of her. We need to know our own curves and crevices, tend our own fires and waters. We need to sing to her, speak to her and above all we need to listen.

During this weekend we will drop deeply into the arms of the Spirit of Place. We will take time in Contemplation - take a long, loving look - and ask the question "Who's temple do I serve?

We will strive to become Earth Activists, Earth Protectors, embodying the wisdom inherent in the knowledge that everything is made up of the same stuff, everything is connected and everything is contained in and containing of spirit.

We will create a healing ceremony together, it's content arising from our co-creation as members of the Earth community looking to be in service to the greater good. At the moment I'm imagining it will be around stopping fracking, but you never know - fracking may have already stopped by then!

Bodies of Earth

28th, 29th, 30th June 2019

Everything we do to our Earth we do to ourselves.

This weekend we will explore profoundly healing techniques which seek to bring into balance those aspects of ourselves which may be called Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. We will engage in the lemniscatic dance, as old as time, between what is and what could be, to bring about our own healing and planetary healing.

We strive to become both The Activist and The Queen - aligning ourselves with those ancient polarities that make up all of creation, bringing them to a place where stillness and movement co-exist. From this magical and seemingly impossible place the transmutation and transfiguration of ourselves and our Earth can take place.

Once again there will be a healing ceremony during this weekend. This time the land we seek to heal and protect is the land of ourselves. From the place of nurtured wholeness we can come to far more deeply embody and understand ourselves as nothing less then the fabric of life.

Earthen Oracle

4th, 5th, 6th October 2019

Speaking up on behalf of the land. The Land of Ourselves, the Land of Our Greatest Blessing, the land we are 'from' and the land we are 'of'. Feeling our way into the uncanny communion of 'All That Is'.

During this weekend we will further explore what it means to be The Oracle, to step forwards on behalf of Life and speak the necessary truth. Using the sacred tool of our embodied selves we will find the door of the holiest of temples and enter there on behalf of all of Life. The cornerstone of this work will be communion with The Black Mirror in all guises, visible and invisible.

We will create a ceremonial forum which will allow Nature herself, in some of her many voices, to step forward and be heard. We will endeavour to speak, to act and to heal on behalf of Her; on behalf of the denizens of the Living Land and of Thriving Life.

During this weekend we will again create a ceremony of healing and protection. We will use the Black Mirror as a healing tool, a portal between realities which can be used to extraordinary effect to change this reality. We will strive to become voice for the voiceless, or more accurately, for those whose voices are not currently being attended to. Our aim - to contribute in a significant way to the changing of our current paradigm for the better.