Living The Land

An optional continuance of apprenticeship 2021

This is a four-fold journey; four gatherings over the course of a year which build upon the connections and lessons encountered within the Ancient Ways 9 Month Shamanic Apprenticeship, or over a number of years within your own shamanic practice. They must be taken as a series and are not available to book separately.

This is now full - please register your interest via email if you'd like to join us next year (and have worked with me before).

As well as the in-person work on the four weekends I will email extensions to the work we've done, reading lists, and hope to encourage discussions about any aspects of the training that need enlarging upon. I'm also happy to respond to private e-mails as well as these group emails or see you on Skype or Zoom.

The fee for this year is £1,200. There is an additional non-refundable deposit of £100 which secures your place if you have been offered one. The balance is then due in four payments payments of £300, one being due before each of the modules. (Or by another method which we agree upon between us. I am open to negotiation.)

The venue is in Lustleigh, Dartmoor.

Gathering The First

Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th May

Gathering The Second

Six Hex

Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th July

Gathering The Third

A Queen and Her Council

Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th September

Gathering The Fourth

The Parliament of All Beings

Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th November

Our subject of inquiry will be an exploration of the statement 'My Body and The Body of The Land Are One'.

We will work with a variety of potent archetypes and explore their traits and skills, their particular magics and tools, their strengths and weaknesses. Using these explorations as a foundation upon which to build practices of knowing, healing and strengthening of our internal stories of relationship to self, land and power.

We will examine and experience the impersonal use of what is sometimes referred to as 'sexual energy' and polarity for transformation. We'll explore how we may use the skills and knowledge of this work in order to bring about extraordinary healing for ourselves, our planet and for others.

In order to undertake this work we will once again explore the tools that are:

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Dreaming and Dream Mirroring

Ritual - ceremonial work

Walking the Lemniscate

Oracular work

Constellation Work

Conversations with the Other Than Human world

Magical Making - the creation of particular magical tools.