Faery Tambourines Retreat

(Dates to come)

This retreat offers a three day immersion in the arts of The Fae. We will drop deeply into connection with The Keepers of The Land, Fae Folk, Tylwyth Teg, Sidhe, The Gentry, The Shining Ones. These are not 'Tinkerbell' beings, but among the most ancient denizens of Earth.

In coming into connection with these beings we will be instructed in the creating of a Faery Tambourine; a beautiful, alive, magical tool. Typically these instruments facilitate connection with THEM and bring us closer to who and what we truly are, who we're supposed to be - indivisibly connected to All.

We will explore the ancient roots of our relationship, wandering among the Dartmoor hills perhaps we will stray into Annwfn, The Hollow Hills, here we may examine what it means to 'see', learn how to honour and preserve our connection, feel into the ways in which a relationship with these beings can change our reality and the importance of their presence in these changing times.

Each retreat will be open to two people and will be held at my home on Dartmoor.

The cost is £500 per person. This includes all the materials for a Faery Tambourine, teaching, lunches, treats, teas etc.. Accommodation is not included but there are many lovely hotels, B&Bs, AirB&Bs, campsites and a hostel locally.

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in joining me for these three days, or would like to know more.

Please arrive after 10 am to begin at 10.30 on the Friday morning. We will finish at 4pm on the Sunday afternoon.

You don't need to bring anything with you but can, if you would like to, bring ribbons, bells, feathers, stones etc for decoration. I have some of these things already, but you may wish to add your own.