Ancient Ways

Shamanic Apprenticeship 2021

This series of workshops is an investment in your own connection with the spirits around you: Ancient Ways brings to you a clear opportunity to improve your life and that of all who share it with you, the human and the other-than-human. A place to unlearn the rhetoric of separation.

The joint aims are clarity and facility: Clarity, in this case, means that this work is designed to help each participant find their authentic and clear connection with the wise and compassionate beings behind the veil and a direct connection with those spirits who are here with us - the denizens of the land. Facility means that part of the focus of the on-going work is to facilitate the embodiment of what begins as 'workshop experiences' into your ordinary reality.

With thoroughness and integrity we will explore shamanism in both ordinary and non-ordinary reality, learning and experiencing with all aspects of our being. Much of the work will take place outside (quite possibly in all weathers - this is Dartmoor!) and some will be directed voyages of discovery among the spirits, through healing practices, rituals, celebrations, songs and dances. I will offer you a reading list of books which you are encouraged but by no means obliged to read, ask you to undertake a small amount of 'homework' between the meetings and be available to you to answer questions as you deepen into your practice. We will step outside of time and gather to us the wisdom of lifetimes.


I will also be running an online only version - the details for this are on a separate page entitled ONLINE TRAINING.

The SHAMANIC JOURNEYING workshop is a prerequisite for this training.

Module 1

The Sacred Landscape

Group 1 - Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th May

Group 2 - Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th April

Group 3 - Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th April

Group 4 - Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April

Group 5 - Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May

Everything is alive and everything is connected. During this weekend we will explore both the landscape around us as 'the visible face of spirit' connecting to the spirits of nature for personal and planetary healing and the landscape of non-ordinary reality as it relates to the calling together of a holy temenos, a temple, within which to undertake holy or healing work. We will explore the landscape of ourselves as we relate to the interwoven web of all life, undertaking illuminating and liberating practices to enliven our connection to all that is.

Connecting with our helping Spirits and with the Elementals we will work with the raw, beautiful land of Dartmoor; learning practices that will deepen your relationship with the living, breathing land wherever you find yourself.

The weekend includes a Power Dance - the opportunity to dance our Spirit Allies into this reality, and a Fire Ceremony.

Module 2

Soul Medicine

Group 1 - Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th July

Group 2 - Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th of June

Group 3 - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th June

Group 4 - Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June

Group 5 - Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th July

During this weekend we will look at 'illness' and healing from a shamanic perspective. We will undertake the potent archaic healing technique of power animal retrieval and endeavour to enter into Earth Consciousness by deeply connecting and honouring the strands of awareness and love that weave us into All That Is. We will begin to explore soul retrieval and the extraction of energetic intrusions, also looking at the integration work that is required to make the extraordinary changes that can be wrought using these techniques 'stick'.

Each participant will have the opportunity to be mentored through the process of becoming 'The Healer' - receiving one to one feedback on submissions of case studies in these ancient healing arts.

The weekend includes a Temple Healing Ceremony.

Module 3

Sovereignty and Service

Group 1 - Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th September

Group 2 - Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd August

Group 3 - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th August

Group 4 - Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th August

Group 5 - Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September

Here we will interweave oracular and divinatory ceremonies and practices with a continuation of our exploration of our relationship with our Helping Spirits, Nature Spirits, Elementals and The Spirits of The Land. Part of the work is in finding our sovereignty within the landscape of ourselves and bringing this into balance and right relationship with our notions of service. The most effective use of power comes about through equal partnership between us (our free will) and The Spirits.

We will work with a wide range of Oracular and Oneric devices including a Black Mirror, Runes, Oracle and Tarot cards, Ogham Sticks and the creation of your own Oracle Set .

This weekend includes an Oracular Temple Ceremony

Module 4

The Ancestors

Group 1 - Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th November

Group 2 - Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st October

Group 3 - Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th October

Group 4 - Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th October

Group 5 - Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th November

Our meeting will focus on Ancestral Healing - unravelling the tangles in our family lines that we can experience as 'curses' and celebrating the 'blessings'. We will work with the well and wise Ancient Ancestors to bring about healing and honouring for both the Remembered and the Forgotten Recently Dead and ameliorate their affect on the living. We will work specifically with the notion of the 'Witch Wound' within our current psyche (it's there for both men and women) and will also examine Psychopomp - the role of the Shaman in guiding the Spirits of The Dead from the Middle World to the transcendent realms.

We will also look at ways in which to nourish, protect and empower ourselves as practitioners in service to the human and more than human community.

The weekend includes an Ancestral Healing Ceremony

More Information

This training is available to 5 participants at a time; as well as the four weekends at Lustleigh (on Dartmoor) I will email extensions to the work we've done, reading lists, and hope to encourage discussions about any aspects of the training that need enlarging upon. I'm also happy to respond to private e-mails as well as these group emails and you will receive support both from myself and from each other.

The workshops will build upon each other and be interspersed with tasks and reading for you to do at home. At the end of the training there will be the opportunity for you to undertake a number of case studies in the role of shamanic healer and to receive feedback on these. When these have been completed I can issue you with a 'certificate' (while the Spirits laugh and laugh in the background) which will allow you to get insurance as a shamanic healer. A ridiculous notion in many ways, but one that allows us to practice in the modern world.

Accommodation is not included but there are many lovely hotels, B&Bs, AirB&Bs, campsites and a hostel locally.

The fee for the apprenticeship is £1200. A deposit of £100 will secure you a place on the training (This is extra to the fee for the year). Payment is then either four payments payments of £300, one being due before each of the modules or £150 each month from May to December (inclusive) or another variation that you and I agree upon between us.

We hear Earth calling. These are our cries, this is our cause. Drum, rattle, voice, dance, will, breath and imagination will be our tools. The Spirits our guides, teachers, beloved friends and allies. The land our container and our home. We cannot fail to be anything other than inspired, re-vivified, enlightened and empowered by these.