Workshops take place at my home on Dartmoor. For all of them I ask that you please arrive after 10am but before 10.20. The teaching  begins at 10.30 - so leave yourself enough time for a cup of tea and a natter before hand. The day workshops usually end around 5pm.  

For all the workshops it's a good idea to bring slippers or extra socks as we're a shoes-off household. Also to dress in layers as the vagaries of the woodburner mean that the temperature can be anything from slightly chilly to boiling through the day. 

If you are coming for a drum or rattle making day you don't need to bring anything with you except your lunch. 

If you are coming to an Introduction to Journeying Day please bring your lunch and everything you need to be comfortable lying and sitting on the floor, a notebook and pen and a bandanna to cover your eyes.  I do have some spare sheepskins and blankets here for you to borrow.