Finding a Healer

There is no better way to find a healer, shamanic or otherwise, than through personal recommendation. If you have found your way here, perhaps I have been recommended to you? It may be that you are far from where I am on Dartmoor - so I am assembling here a list of practitioners that I wholeheartedly recommend - because I trained them and I know, through a rigorous practice of mentoring and sharing, that they are excellent healers.

I'm making the list by county, listed in alphabetical order, in the hope that one day we'll have the whole country covered with wonderful, effective, shamanic healers! 

Please do say where you found the contact details for anyone you phone or e-mail. This will immediately put you in an appropriate context and will generate the feedback required to make sure that these contact details are the correct ones to use. Thank you. 


Marina Sala - contact her through her website 

Website -


Arianne Sheikh - 07737 994291

Website - Prescriptions For Wonder


Victoria Loram - 07704 770771

Karin Jordan - 07866973028 


Caroline Blake -  07498-203789

Website - 


Sue Rose Gould - contact through website

Website -

Louise Amador -

Or by phone - 07711135034 

Louise's speciality is Psychopomp - or helping the spirits of the dead. 

If it's the middle of the night, and no-one is responding to their e-mails, and you are in crisis - please consider contacting The Samaritans. Part of the work of a shamanic healer is the work of 'community', being 'the one who listens'. And sometimes, someone to  listen to us is what we need more than anything else. There are profoundly compassionate and wise people out there, ready and willing to listen to you, right now, day or night at