Fairy Tambourines

These Fairy Tambourines are made in much the same way I make my drums. Either you can direct the making - specify what kind of hide, handle, bells, feathers, ribbons etc you would like. Or you can ask me to work in partnership with those I am learning to call The Keepers of The Land, the Fairies, to create a Tambourine for you.

At the moment I am making two sizes - 10" or 12", they are 2.5" deep and have a wooden handle at the back. The hide is attached to the wooden frame with staples and the bells to a metal line behind the handle, or with fabric around the edge of the outside .

Prices: These vary depending on the complexity of the design, for the one in the top row of pictures below - which has a goat hide face, one row of bells and a forked stick handle the price would be £180.00

For the one in the second row of pictures (the first three of the second row) which has a deer hide face, stones around the edge under the face, braiding around the back of the edge, two rows of bells, feathers, ribbons and a forked stick handle the price would be £210.

Beautiful Goat hide face

Forked stick and large golden bells with feather and leather details.

12" Tambourine

Decorated with Ivy and ribbons

Stones under the hide make a beautifully shaped outline. If you'd like this the hide must be deer not goat.

Brass bells and forked stick on the back of this 10" tambourine.

Ribbons, feathers and felted leaf hangings decorate the back of this tambourine.

The ribbons can be as ott as you like (or very discrete) and any or many colours.

Fairy Tambourine Workshops

They tell me, THEY, that I am to run Fairy Tambourine Workshops, and that these will take place over three days and be open to three people at a time. We will be working deeply with THEM - The Fey Folk - and creating a Fairy Tambourine as we go. As yet I have no dates for these, but if you would like to attend, please register your interest by sending me an e-mail.

Wild blessings, all-ways.